Sunday, May 17, 2009

R.J. told who hurt him!

I waited a little while to post this because I wasn't sure what was being done and I didn't want to risk some freak thing of this possibly getting out before the detectives did their job. After searching my email address book I know there is no problem there and the guilty folks sure don't know about my blog.

Last Friday on May 8th, the psychologist came to talk to R.J. and get him ready to speak with detectives. At first his was a little intimidated by one of the detectives. I met him and I believe it was probably due to his size. He is a very nice man but very large, and my R.J. is very little. The psychologist picked up on this and asked if he would feel better speaking with just his dad and the other detective in the room, R.J. said "yes".
After just a few questions and making him comfortable R.J. told them that "Rocky", his mom's boyfriend is the one who hurt him. They then ask did he hurt you with his hand and the detective held out an opened hand, R.J. shook his head no and then folded his little fist and made motions like hitting his stomach. Though we knew this was probably the case it still made us literally sick to our stomachs when we heard.

This man was supposed to be brought in the following Monday for a scheduled lie detector test and interrogation to follow. He was cooperative at the beginning of the investigation but he has since refused the test and has "lawyered up".

My husband spoke with the detectives on Friday. They say they could arrest him but they don't want to arrest him and then let him walk, they want all their ducks in a row. They are now planning to question R.J. again and have the CID video tape the interview and then turn it over to the District Attorney.

Isn't it amazing how the wheels of justice turn. Seems to me that more is done to protect the perps more than the victims.

Politicians.....the D.A. is retiring and a new one is coming in so that supposedly slowed things down. Don't you know if it was the D.A.'s grandson it wouldn't have got put on hold because the "retirement dinner is today" quote from the detectives.

Yes, I am upset. But praise God, I am glad my hope for justice does not depend on the detectives and D.A., but God the supreme judge knows about this and it is in HIS hands regardless of what the authorities believe. Trust me, it is hard however to not want to help God out with some speedy revenge of my own. "Vengeance is mine saith the Lord, I will repay."
At some point I know that I know to pray for this man. I will be honest as of right now I haven't done that. Oh great, there comes the conviction so guess what I am going to stop and do now.

Well, I'm back and that was hard. When I stopped writing to pray, I asked my husband had he ever prayed for Rocky. He said, "yes, a couple of times, I even witnessed to him when I was there." Well, we see who is more spiritual in this situation.

I honestly want the man to meet Jesus, (in more ways than one)....just kidding. I do pray for his soul, but I just as much want him to pay for what he did to my grandson. You know it's hard sometimes to know how to pray, but thank God for Jesus who just takes it to the Father for us.

By the way, R.J. is still in PICU at Oklahoma Universtiy Children's Hospital. He is doing well considering. He is still having "wash outs" every other day. He has 6 drains out of his abdomen. They are all doing the jobs they are supposed to. He has the colostomy in place and it will be there for a year. He is still not "out of the woods" yet, but he sure is a lot closer. We still need your prayers and thank you so much for your prayers, phone calls, and emails. They mean more than you know.

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