Thursday, February 12, 2009


Who would have dreamed you could really get that much out of an ENTIRE bottle of liquid soap?
I have had the extreme pleasure of having my "Bookers" (grandbabies) 4 days a week for the last couple of weeks. Well, when you can't get outside and you have done everything else...a bubble bath is a good idea. (or is it) Madison and Malachi love taking baths. They don't take baths together anymore, MeMe's house with the jacuzzi tub and all the bubbles we make an exception from time to time. After all they can't see each other for all the suds. With the toys in place and the jets going and the bubbles forming I left for a couple minutes to ask Poppa about his meeting he just got back from. Before leaving the bathroom, I said, "no more bubbles and no more water". Well I think my couple of minutes went a little longer. As Poppa and I sit in the other room just enjoying listening to the laughter of our precious, obedient, beautiful grandbabies; we noticed the giggling was really intense. Then we hear..."MeMe you need to come here." A quick glance at Poppa and then off to the bathroom. I just stand there for a second. They are looking at me not sure whether they were in trouble. They only called me in there because they could no longer find the button to turn off the jets. I roll up my pant leg and got in to get the jets turned off. I turned to look at them the anticipation still on their little faces. I laughed and then of course I went for the camera.

Now you can tell by the pictures that they were really repentant over using the rest of the liquid soap and adding more water after being told not to.

I couldn't even rinse them I just had to dry off all the bubbles. They were very sticky. Here is the worst part of all. I am dealing with bronchitis right now, so I didn't really feel like cleaning the tub right then. The next morning I tumble out of bed, truly desiring a nice hot bath only to be rudely awakened by a tub of toys and soap scum like you have never seen. After writing this I realize that is what I should have snapped a picture of as to warn other brave grandparents of the after effects of the "cute little bubble bath".

So after clearing out the toys, I took a wash cloth thinking I would simply clean the tub now. That didn't happen. I realize the scum is on every surface, including candles. It can't be just wiped you had to actually scrub the thick scum. So I climb into the tub and one 45 year old leg went one way and one went the other and my arm tried to break the fall. It was an ugly sight. I can only imagine how my husband heard it. A large thud, a laugh, and then a moan.

I hear in voice that sounds like I am really afraid to ask this question. "Honey, are you okay?" Yeah, I replied. "Are you sure?" Yeah, I'm just cleaning the tub.

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Nina in Portugal said...

Oh, how fun!!

Since Michael and I are shower people, we've done this a time or two with the kids. Only we've done it at the hotels when we've had large jacuzzi type tubs. Leaving the mess for the cleaning staff.

Shhhh, don't tell anyone.

You "Rock" as a grandmother!!


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